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This traditional light roasted African coffee has a richly floral aroma with notes of berry and citrus.  Small batch roasted within 1 day of your order - guaranteed fresh.

12-oz. or 2 lb. bag.  Choice of Whole Bean or Standard, Fine or Coarse Grind.  Kraft re-closable zipper bag with one-way degassing valve.  All coffee is freshly roasted to order.  This ensures you get the freshest coffee possible delivered directly to your door.  West End Coffee Roasters established in Greenville, SC has been roasting specialty coffee since 1992.  Every coffee is hand roasted daily in small batches.  We stand behind every bag of coffee we sell and your complete satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

Kenya AA is sourced from the Kenyan open auction system, which is part of the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. The quality of coffee and transparency in access has allowed for strong prices relative to other origins.

Most coffee is grown in the hills surrounding Mount Kenya, where the rich soil helps produce high quality coffee. Farmer plots are exceptionally small, and are generally classified by number of trees in production rather than the physical area of the farm. This allows farmers to exercise significant control over the coffee picked and delivered to the local wet mill.

These mills have an abundance of water, which allows for the high-end washing methods that showcase the hallmark Kenyan profile.